District Grants





Section 1 – RY2019-20

  1. District Grant Final Report (REV 2018)
  2. District Grant FAQ (REV 2018)
  3. Success Rewards (REV 2018)
  4. District Grant Matching Funds 2019-2020

Section 2 – RY2020-21

  1. District Grant Application Steps
  2. Club MOU
  3. Grant Management Training Course (e-learning course to be completed by at least 2 club members)
  4. Grant Training Pledge Form (certifying completion of Grant Management Training Course)
  5. How to use the DACdb Grant Module (optional e-learning course)
  6. Success Rewards (REV 2018)
  7. District Grant FAQ (REV 2018)
  8. District Grant Matching Funds 2020-2021 (TBD)

For more information and assistance, contact Pete McDonald (email)


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