Community Service 2020-21

Improving the World Around You

The World in 2020-2021 is a very different place than it was in 2019-2020!

The changes can be seen as challenges or opportunities.

In Rotary, we choose to see these changes as opportunities!

Rotary Opens Opportunities!

 As People of Action, Rotarians can embrace those opportunities right in their own communities!

For Rotary Year 2020-2021, each club has the opportunity to earn ten (10) points in the category of Community Service.

  • Involve EarlyActors, Interactors, and  Rotaractors to participate in a club project and report to D6910 Youth Services Chair and DG [2 pts.]
  • Post community service project(s) with photos in social and/or traditional media. [2 pts.]
  • Report volunteer hours and service project contributions in Rotary Club Central. [1 pt.]
  • Complete 3 of the following:  [3 pts.]

 a) Participate in the 10 Million Meal Challenge during 2020-2021, with a food project and report story to local media and social media.

 b) Conduct an adult literacy project (such as sponsor adult GEDs).

 c) Participate in a joint service project with another Rotary Club or

 d) Participate in a "Rotary Days" event. Click on the following link for more information: 


  • Implement a new local service project that aligns the club's interests with any of Rotary's Seven Areas of Focus.  Report in Rotary Club Central  (Supporting the Environment was added as an Area of Focus on 6/26/2020).  [2 pts.]

For help in determining how to assess your community's needs, go to:

If you have any questions about Community Service, please feel free to contact District Community Service Chair Peter Gleichman at or call 770-309-4577.


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