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The Club Rotary Foundation committee develops and implements a plan to support the Foundation through program participation and financial contributions. Many excellent resources are available to assist the club foundation committee achieve success. The Club Rotary Foundation committee should begin their work with reviewing the following informational resource materials as reference:

Order publications through the RI Catalog (019-EN) or download at

  1. Club Rotary Foundation Committee Manual (226-EN): A resource manual designed to help the club Rotary Foundation Committee establish goals and understand committee responsibilities related to increasing club effectiveness.
  2. Quick Reference Guide (219-EN). Compilation of the programs and services of The Rotary Foundation in a quick reference format.
  3. Rotary Foundation Facts (159-EN): A brief statistical overview of the organization, scope and programs of the Foundation.


Four ways to educate club Rotarians are:

  • Good, interesting club programs on the Foundation
  • Member participation in Foundation Programs
  • Weekly Rotary Foundation Thought
  • Attendance at Foundation seminars and other events
  • 52 weekly moments to use in a Club Bulletin or verbally (see above link)


  • The District Rotary Foundation Committee
  • The Rotary Foundation’s pages on the RI Web site,, for up-to-date information on all Foundation activities
  • The Foundation’s section of the Download Center on for program applications, program terms and conditions, and manuals
  • The District Foundation chair and subcommittee chairs
  • District Rotary Foundation Committee Manual (300-EN) at the Download Center on
  • Club President’s Manual (222-EN) at the Download Center on
  • Publications, videos, DVDs, and public service announcements which can be found in the print version of the RI Catalog or the online version on
  • Past program participants (Foundation alumni) willing to share their experience. A list can be requested [email protected]
  • The club’s assistant governor
  • The club’s District Governor or a knowledgeable past district governor
  • The Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator


Below are some links:


  • Encourage and organize a Foundation Thought at each club meeting.
  • Help the club’s program chair to organize at least one program each quarter, during regular club meetings, about the Foundation and its activities.
  • Organize the club’s celebration of Rotary Foundation Month in November, including extra programs on the Foundation
  • Provide information from the Foundation/RI about the options for service through programs
  • Be familiar with the RI Catalog, available at
  • Encourage every Rotarian in the club to contribute what he or she can afford to give each year to the Foundation.
  • Encourage every Rotarian to become a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member (in supporting the Every Rotarian, Every Year effort) and ultimately a Paul Harris Fellow
  • Promote the Foundation’s Permanent Fund to those club members who can afford to become Benefactors, Bequest Society Members, and/or Major Donors as appropriate.
  • Maintain regular contact with the District Foundation chair and various Foundation subcommittee chairs. 

The RI Web site provides online resources and up-to-date information on all aspects of Rotary. You can download free publications, shop the online catalog, and locate the meeting time and place of any Rotary club.

Click on: The Rotary Foundation ( for a current source of detailed information on all aspects of Rotary Foundation Programs, Every Rotarian, Every Year fundraising strategies, and recognition opportunities. Many free downloads are available. Additionally, suggested materials below can be ordered using the catalog number in parenthesis.


The Rotarian Video Magazine: a wonderful engaging way to communicate the profound and personal impact of Rotary projects around the world. Order a subscription at

Benefactor Commitment Card (149-EN)
Bequest Society Membership (098-EN)
Donor Advised Fund Leaflet (382-EN)
Every Rotarian, Every Year Brochure (957-EN)
Every Rotarian, Every Year Brochure (099-EN)
Every Rotarian, Every Year DVD – US$15 (978-MU)
Every Rotarian, Every Year Posters (959)
Life Income Gifts (109-EN) 
Named Funds (110-EN)
Rotary Centers Leaflet (084-EN)
Rotary World Peace Fellowship ((092)
Securing the Future (183-EN)
Sustaining Member Badge Stickers (956-MU)
TRF Fact Cards (159-EN)
Two Needs, Two Ways (173-EN)


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